Vicky Kaushal Reveals Nine Astounding Secrets About Himself
Vicky Kaushal Reveals Nine Astounding Secrets About Himself

The actor reveals the song he wants to dedicate to Harleen Sethi and the incident that made his dad proud

The actor recently appeared on No Filter Neha for the third season of the show and went on to reveal some secrets that people might have never known about him. 


He’s not one for horror movies


Kaushal shared a hilarious story about his experience after watching The Conjuring. “I can’t watch horror films! Biggest fattu! I have watched Conjuring with a group of friends and I was so fattaoed after that. My friends have gone off to sleep, I had to watch Andaz Apna Apna right after it to erase all the memories of conjuring. I watch Anda Apna Apna and that’s when I felt normal and that’s when I could go to sleep.”


He’s a self-obsessed person


“I’m a bit self-obsessed also. So kai baar randomly bhi lag jaata hai. But jab tak aap bahar nikalte ho naha dhoke, kapde badalke bahar nikalte ho duniya mein and you see nobody giving an F and then you’re like chal theek hai, khud ko bolne mein kya hai.”


The incident that made his dad proud of him


The actor told a heartfelt story of the time his dad recognized him as a man and not a kid. He narrated the time they were driving with his family, their car scratched another car and the two men started yelling at Vicky’s father (Sham Kaushal). His father decides to stop by the road to talk to the two men and when he did, the men, who seemed intoxicated, hurled abuses at his father. That’s when Vicky slapped one of the men in anger. He goes on to say, “Dad kheench ke mujhe leke aaye, he got into the car, I’m sitting behind and I’m fuming! And my mom’s like kya hua? Sab theek hai na? he just looks at my mom and says – puttar sada vada ho gaya hai! I’m feeling so proud.  


The three things about Anurag Kashyap he’d like to change


“Firstly, I would say that he is too impulsive, which sometimes gets him in the wrong spot. He just ends up hurting himself. Secondly, I would say that because of that impulsive reaction, he sometimes forms judgments about people and situations which are not necessarily true. Third, as a friend, I would say yaar thodi drinking kam kar do.”


The song he dedicated to Harleen Sethi


When asked which is a song he would like to dedicate to Harleen Sethi, he chose Diljit Dosanjh’s ‘Do You Know’ and went on to sing, “Do you know? Main tenu kinna pyar karda. Do you know? Main tere utte kinna marda. Do you know?”


He and his brother were called for the same role


Kaushal and his brother Sunny were called for the same part for the movie Gold, but couldn’t go through with it since he was busy with Sanju. He said, “Eventually what happened was that I was stuck with Sanju. But then they started auditioning and Sunny auditioned for the part and Sunny got the role. So, we were like as long as Kaushal parivaar mein role aa raha hai, sab sahi hai.”


He once accidentally swallowed a nail when he was a kid


The actor recited a childhood incident when he accidentally swallowed a nail. His mother and grandmother freaked out and took him to the doctor, but he says that he never felt a thing and was completely alright. The doctor told them to either do a surgery or poop it out of him, and the family decided to go with the second option. He said, “they put me on a diet of bananas and milk, I used to go do tattiyan like 3-4 times a day!”


Karan Johar as a director on the sets of Lust Stories


“In our scenes, he was only laughing. It was very simple. I arrived on set, there was a simple brief- are, Vicky aagaye? Chadh jao!”



He cannot swim


The actor said how that he is a “terribly hydrophobic person.” Masaan director Neeraj Ghaywan was explaining how he would be needed to jump in the Ganga for a scene, but after learning that Vicky can’t swim, he suggested him to take swimming lessons. “I enrolled myself and am practising with 10 and 11-year-olds who are half my size! And I’m flipping my feet in the water saying ke sir dekh lo form sahi hai,” he said. 

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