Good Vibes Only: In Conversation With YouTube Royalty, Vidya Vox

Vidya Vox talks about how she got into music, the most memorable pick-up line used on her and what she has learned from her last relationship

YouTube royalty Vidya Vox is hugely popular for her unique blend of Indian and Western music. For years now, she’s given us peppy, catchy mashups that have racked up millions of views online and have been shared countless times. Through her videos, the songstress has also opened up about her struggles with mental health, her abusive father and the racism she faced as one of only two brown kids in her school.


In an exclusive interview with MW, Vidya Vox talks about how she got into music, the most memorable pick-up line used on her and what she has learned from her last relationship. Read on.

A recent film you saw and loved?

Black Panther.

Three qualities you have that no one in your field does?

I don’t know if no one else has it but three qualities that I think I have are that I’m willing to work really hard, I always try and keep a happy face no matter how tired I am and I’m very positive.

Describe yourself in one word?

In one word, I’d say ‘happy’.

A question you are tired of answering in interviews?

On how I got into music! Just kidding, please ask me that.

So, how did you get into music?

(Laughs) I grew up singing, learnt Carnatic music and in college, I met Shankar Tucker and we collaborated on his YouTube channel and since then, it kind of lit a spark in me and I was touring with his band for a long time – before starting mine – and after I graduated, I moved to India and lived in Versova, Mumbai for a while, restarted my training and three years ago, I started my channel.

A celebrity you have a crush on?

I have so many but top of my list would be Matt Bomer.

What did your last relationship teach you?

I had a friendship that kind of fizzled out and I was really sad about it. You know, the people who are going to be there for you will be there for you, no matter what . . . and that’s really important.

Tell us the most memorable pick-up line used on you.

“Are you a library card because I’m checking you out!”

3 essentials in a man’s wardrobe?

A good suit, a nice pair of boots and a great belt.

The most stylish man according to you?

There are a lot of them – Benedict Cumberbatch and George Clooney

A question you would like to ask everyone who interviews you?

I want to know about their story, how did they get into the job they’re in.

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