Who’s The Villain Nicholas Cage Is Hoping To Play In ‘The Batman’ Sequel?
Who’s The Villain Nicholas Cage Is Hoping To Play In ‘The Batman’ Sequel?

Nicholas Cage has expressed a desire to play a little-known, quirky villain from the Batman mythos and believes he can make it terrifying

Tipping the box-office scales at over $500 million, The Batman has released to excited reviews and hugely successful fan reactions. One fan in particular seems interested in more than just an excited #TheBatman tweet, and is looking to use his Academy Award-winning skills to bolster DC’s latest Batman trilogy.


Addressing the head honchos at Warner Bros. Entertainment, actor Nicholas Cage has expressed his desire to play a little-known, quirky villain from the Batman mythos.

Who Is Egghead?

“We have this new [movie with] Robert Pattinson as ‘The Batman,’ which I’m excited to see. I haven’t seen it yet but I think he would be terrific,” Cage said (via IGN).

Despite his admittedly premature excitement with the film, Cage — who is off a high streak after wowing SXSW audiences with The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent — was hyped enough to suggest his own inclusion into Batman’s list of new foes.

“The villain that Vincent Price played on the 1960s show, Egghead, I think I want to have a go at Egghead.”

Here’s a look at the 1960s rendition of the character, who is a pun-spitting narcissistic criminal played by a legend of the classic horror era:

While the old Adam West Batman series was decidedly campy and goofy — poles apart from Matt Reeves’ gritty take on Gotham — the villain has a fun array of quirks and (frankly dated) features that make him stand out.


Believing himself to be the world’s ‘smartest’ criminal, Edger Heed or Egghead carried out various egg-themed crimes using a variety of egg-themed weapons, from tear gas eggs to a variety of egg-shaped gadgets. All of this was topped off with a penchant for groan-inducing egg-related puns, such as using the words ‘egg-xactly’ to make his point understood.

He also happens to be one of the few villains to deduce Batman’s true identity as Bruce Wayne, using a ‘memory egg-straction’ machine and his own powers of deduction. Interestingly, both Marvel and DC have villains named ‘Egghead’ — both taking the role of intelligent criminals with…egg-shaped heads.

Despite the relatively immature spin on the character, Cage seems sure that he’s got a trick up his sleeve on how to play the villain. “I think I can make him absolutely terrifying,” he shares. “And I have a concept for Egghead. So let them know over at Warner Bros., I’m down for Egghead.”

The Batman Sequel Potential

While the first installment is still going through a successful theatrical release, talks have already begun regarding the next film.

“You don’t make number one as if there’s going to be a number two,” said director Matt Reeves. “You have to make number one as if you’re swinging for the fences and it has to be a story that stands and lives on its own. But I really believe in what we’ve done and I’d be excited to tell more stories.”

As of now, the creators have confirmed an upcoming series charting the Penguin’s rise to the top of Gotham’s criminal enterprises – along with “other stuff” planned for HBO Max.

The Batman is now playing in theaters nationwide.

(Featured Image Credit: Lionsgate, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment)

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