Watch The First Ever Fortnite Concert Hosted By Marshmello
Watch The First Ever Fortnite Concert Hosted By Marshmello

Yup, Marshmello played an actual live concert inside a game

You no longer have to rush to book tickets, stand in long ques and push against other sweaty people to enjoy a concert, you can now just open fortnite and watch an artist hold a live concert for free.


Over the weekend, Marshmello and Fortnite came together to put out a free concert for all the players and it was a wild success. Players were transported to Pleasant park, where they could be part of the live in-game concert where Marshmello played some of his most famous tunes.

Epic Games did a great job with the stage and pyro to give the feel of a real concert. While players could bust out their favourite dance moves, the use of weapons were disabled for anyone part of the concert to prevent party poopers  from spoiling the fun. 

Marshmello has always been vocal about his love for Fortnite and his friendship with Fortnite king, Ninja. So it wasn’t really a surprise to hear Marshmello be part of something like this. If this will be a common occurrence is still unknown, but it would definitely be interesting to watch other Fortnite-loving artists like Drake and Travis Scott hold a concert of their own within the game.

I know the concept seems a bit bizarre, but I definitely welcome it, as long as I can be part of a concert without having to spend a month’s salary on it.

Watch the 10-minute Marshmello live set below:

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