We Think This Shah Rukh Khan Lookalike Should Head To Bollywood Right Away
We Think This Shah Rukh Khan Lookalike Should Head To Bollywood Right Away

He is the spitting image of King Khan.

Wait, what? Is this for real?


Right after our very own PeeCee’s doppelganger broke the internet (check image below), here’s another surprise that will confuse a lot of SRK fans. 






I don’t believe in resolutions, as I set new goals daily. But if theres something I want to experience in the new year, is to see how much of a Sherni I can actually be. Aside from Social Media, aside from Youtube, people’s perspective. How much of your character can you develop off camera, how much shit can you take and keep chasing, how can your relationships improve? How forgiving and kind can you be? And it all starts with you. We constantly think of success, but lets put time into the person who is actually going to be achieving that success. You come first. Put ur mind and its health and ability to endure, above all. Spend time with God each morning, get yourself on a positivity enforcing schedule; so you start your day right, and let the peace linger on throughout the day. Peace lets you be unbothered by the uncontrollable, and small useless things. So sustain your peace within, Be kind to yourself this year, realize your WORTH this year, it will take you a long way ❤️


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Meet Haider Maqbool, the man who is the spitting image of King Khan and who’s now the latest internet sensation to have hit SRK fandom. The 22 year old lad hails from Jammu and Kashmir and look at him. Just look at him. Even super (Jabra) fans would have a tough time telling the two apart.


Raees, much? 




Is this SRK? Is this Aryan? Who is he? 



Can you believe it? He also has an SRK-esque dimple



When will Haider meet his Sejal? 



Think he should head to Bollywood right away? Tell us in your comments below. 

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