Who Is Hotter: Sri Devi Or Madhuri Dixit?
Who Is Hotter: Sri Devi Or Madhuri Dixit?

Is Dhak Dhak Karne Laga hotter than Kaate Nahi Katte? Our verdict.

Today is Sri Devi’s birthday, and we wish one of the most talented actresses of her generation a great life ahead. We’ve already looked at her hottest moments, and today, we’ll compare her with another talented actress – Madhuri Dixit. 


Sri Devi won 5 Filmfare Best Actress Awards, and has given some career-defining performances in films like Sadma, Lamhe and more recently, English Vinglish. 

That said, when it comes to dance and being hot, Madhuri Dixit is leagues and miles above her. A Dhak Dhak Karne Laga is infinitely hotter than Kaate Nahi Katte. A Choli Ke Peeche is so much more seductive than a Hawa Hawai. 

Even in terms of sheer numbers, Madhuri has given many more hot songs that can sizzle up the coldest of mornings. 

Let’s take a look at some of the comparisons, and see. 

This one was hot, but absolutely no match for the Dhak Dhak moves.


To be fair to Sri Devi, Madhuri Dixit is not just hotter than her. She is arguably the most hottest actress known to Bollywood cinema.


That said, Madhuri has a lot of respect for Sri Devi and was all praise for her wonderful performance in English Vinglish. “When you say ‘in your time’, it destroys the relevance. We are relevant even today. Talent is always alive, it doesn’t die. Look at English Vinglish. It was a wonderful film and Sri did it after a gap of 15 years. But that hardly mattered,” she said in an interview with The Times Of India.

We might see her in Mr. India sequel, and she has hinted that the iconic film’s sequel was under construction. ““The Mr India sequel will happen when it will happen, nothing is fixed, we do not even know who will act in it,” she was quoted as saying by Scroll.

We wish the best of things for both Sri Devi and Madhuri Dixit, but to give credit where it’s due, Madhuri is way hotter.  

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