Wonder Woman 3, Man of Steel 2 Might Be Getting The Axe By James Gunn At Warner Bros
Wonder Woman 3, Man Of Steel 2 And Black Adam Sequel To Be Cancelled By Warner Bros

WB wants to start afresh and move on from the Snyder-verse era

Things are going to be significantly different with the DC Universe, going forward. Months after being announced as the new bosses, James Gunn and Peter Safran are looking to shake things up massively going forward. The first thing on their agenda, as per a story by Hollywood Reporter, is to axe the already announced Wonder Woman 3 movie. And the next might be to pull the plug on the follow-up to Man of Steel and conclude the Aquaman series after the sequel.   


The aim seems to be to put an end to Synder-verse and start afresh, which would make sense, considering DC movies have always been looked at as sub-par offerings compared to the MCU. There’s also the intention of distancing the universe from the darker themes. Hence, there’s been a more proactive effort in changing tones with movies like Shazam and Birds of Prey.   



According to the same report, both Gunn and Safaran held a discussion with director Patty Jenkins and star Gal Gadot about the future of the franchise, when Jenkins submitted a story outline for the third movie. Similarly, no sequel has been announced for the recently released Black Adam movie, which is said to cost WB over $50 million in losses.   


Another interesting tidbit to come out from this is that the Man Of Steel sequel, which everyone was hyped for, might get the axe too. During the release of the Black Adam movie, Cavill announced that he’ll be returning as the iconic character. Now, THR claims that while folks at WB initiated talks for Man of Steel 2, they might probably go back on their decision.   



As per THR, Gunn and Safran want to keep Matt Reeves’ The Batman on the floor, which has its own set of sequel and spinoff series in development. A similar courtesy will also be extended towards Todd Philip’s Joker, which also announced its sequel with Lady Gaga. But we’re not done yet, apparently. Gunn also wants to recast Mamoa as Lobo going forward, which the actor is excited about, as per THR. 


A lot is happening behind the scenes at WB and for a good reason this time. We’ll be hearing a lot of new announcements coming from the DC camp in the next few months. Until then, stay tuned!   

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