You Won't Believe What Chandrachur Singh Is Up To These Days
You Won’t Believe What Chandrachur Singh Is Up To These Days

The man who absolutely nailed his role in Maachis is back with a film.

He is back with a movie that is called Yadvi – The Dignified Prince. Yes, the same guy who we saw in films like Josh, Kya Kehna and Maachis. 2000 was a golden year for him where he acted in two hit films – Josh and Kya Kehna. He was wonderful in Maachis too which was his second release, but that is probably because the director was Gulzar, who is a man who can’t create below-par art. 


His latest release, Yadvi – The Dignified Prince is not as bad as you think. It’s in English. It’s not great either, and the dialogue delivery look like it’s part of a school play. It’s better than some of the B-Grade work that Chandrachur Singh has done, and we respect him for that. 


“A lot of people feel that I got films like Maachis and Tere Mere Sapne just like that. Mujhe aise hi kaam nahi mile tha! I came to Mumbai in 1988 and assisted Mahesh Bhatt, and I had to struggle a lot before I got the break. There were some big films from which I was replaced at the last moment. Fighting through that phase gave me a lot of inner strength and made me a tough person. For someone whose entry in the film industry was so difficult, handling the downfall was much easier. I utilized my time very constructively, watching world cinema, reading books and listening to classical music,” Chandrachur said in an interview with The Times Of India. 


To his credit, Chandrachur did play a role in Mira Nair’s The Reluctant Fundamentalist, and we would give an arm and a leg to be in his position. Yes, he didn’t have the career he would have expected to have, but he’s only human.


Let’s look at these two songs, and appreciate Chandrachur at his best. We hope he is able to get at least a couple of more films like this. 

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