World Emoji Day: Your Favourite Celebs Reimagined As Emojis
World Emoji Day: Your Favourite Celebs Reimagined As Emojis

We take your favourite celebrities and reimagine them as emojis on World Emoji Day!

We have been informed that today, the 17th of July, has been declared World Emoji Day. By all accounts, today is supposed to be a day when we celebrate emojis – those beautiful advances in technology that allow us to share our feelings and emotions when words are hard to come by. Emojis have become part and parcel of our daily lives and we are clearly obsessed with them – much like how we are obsessed with the lives of our favourite celebrities. Below, we catalogue a list of celebs and the emojis that describe them best.


Shah Rukh Khan – The Cool Dude




Remember that ‘cool chain’ he wore in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai? It was the most garish thing to ever exist but King Khan made it a total style statement. Throughout his career, he has mesmerised us with his acting skills and wit. He has an answer for everything and he puts his thoughts across in such a beautiful way. It doesn’t get cooler than this, lads.


Kareena Kapoor Khan – The Diva



This one is a no-brainer, honestly. Remember when Hrithik Roshan sang “she’s so cool, she’s so fine, out of 10, I’d give her 9” during that song in K3G? He had no idea what he was talking about because Kareena Kapoor is clearly a 10 on 10.


Ranveer Singh – The Zany One



If we could harvest even a smidgen of Ranveer Singh’s energy, we’d be able to charge all the iPhones in Mumbai. When Kesha sang “the party don’t start till I walk in”, she was referring to Ranveer.


Alia Bhatt – The Grinning Emoji



All of 25-years-old, Alia Bhatt has already carved a niche for herself in the big, bad world of Bollywood. The actress has given back-to-back hits and is one of those rare stars who is loved equally by the masses and the critics. It cannot be an easy life, but Alia faces all of that with a huge smile on her face. She’s the happy one, the one with all the positive vibes.


Priyanka Chopra – The Smirk



From the good ol’ days of Aitraaz, Priyanka Chopra has always slayed the role of the saucy woman. She’s sassy, badass, unafraid of her sexual desires and is an all-around rockstar. There’s that smile of hers, you know, the eyebrow lift and slight upward curve of the lips –  she knows she’s got your attention.



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