WTF News: Kingfisher's Instant Beer, Apple's Failed Charger And Elon Musk's New Rap Song
WTF News: Kingfisher’s Instant Beer, Apple’s Failed Charger And Elon Musk’s New Rap Song

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This week, there were way too many things that made us go WTF?! Here’s a look at some of them:


Kingfisher Launches Their New Instant Beer

Yes, we’ve all heard of and tasted beers with weird flavours, but probably have never heard of beers that can be made on the spot with a sachet. Kingfisher recently launched their new instant beer mix and if you think that’s impossible, you’re right, because this turned out to be an elaborate April’s fool prank.

Apple’s Failed Charger That Will Never Release


Apple isn’t a stranger to launching overpriced products that have existed in the market for a long time. Another example would be their now cancelled, AirPower wireless charger. Believe it or not, after being one of the biggest tech companies who are well-known for their premium phones and smartwatches, the company still doesn’t have their own wireless charger. And when they did decide to finally put one out, they cancelled it because it couldn’t reach their “high standards.”

Elon Musk Becomes A SoundCloud Rapper

Elon Musk is an intelligent individual, known for his path-breaking companies like Space X and Tesla. But the man wasn’t happy just settling for that. So, he released his first single titled, “RIP Harambe” under his own label, Emo G records. 

You can listen to the track here

(Header Credit – Kingfisher YouTube, Apple Website & Wikipedia)

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