“Yes, I have become cynical, and it’s not my fault”
“Yes, I have become cynical, and it’s not my fault”

Actor Ranvir Shorey, who will be seen in Titli next, opens up about his choices, love for Thai salads and why he will be a struggler forever

If you were listing the best actors in India today, Ranvir Shorey would be pretty high up on that list. The man has amazing screen presence, an effortless acting talent and an intelligent eye for detail and quirk. What is unfortunate is that, even though he has been a part of the industry for years, he still remains primarily an indie identity. The YRF-Dibakar Banerjee produced Titli, directed by debutant Kanu Behl, is his next outing on the big screen. The film releases next week.


 Why select Titli?


It is an amazing script. It was a bit flattering to hear young people come up and say that they wrote a part keeping you in mind. I generally don’t get to hear that. I was happy to take on the script and I was blown by it. The take on the subject matter is really fresh and I was very enthusiastic to get on board.


How much of Ranvir Shorey is in your character in Titli?


Not much, actually. I see more of myself in Titli, the protagonist. But what the film talks about was something I understood pretty well. I connected with the emotional core of it rather than the reality because I come from a well-off family and we weren’t carjackers (laughs). The relationships were eerily familiar to me.


What is your biggest achievement till date?


I think I have done more for the ‘Shorey’ name than everyone else in my family.


Which resolution do you break often?


Smoking. If you haven’t started smoking, don’t. It is not rewarding enough. I am a moderate smoker, but even that affects your health and lifestyle.


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One skill every man should know?


Cooking. It is very important to know basic cooking. I am decent at it myself. These days I am experimenting with Thai salads.


Ten years from now, where do you see yourself?


I heard this joke about a man who went to an astrologer to know his future and the astrologer told him that you are screwed for the next ten years. The man was flustered and asked him, “What after these ten years?” The astrologer replied, “You’ll get used to it.” That will be me. I will forever be struggling.







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