You'll love this new Indian mockumentary web-series featuring Kanan Gill
You’ll love this new Indian mockumentary web-series featuring Kanan Gill

If you liked watching shows like ‘The Office’ and ‘Modern Family’ you’ll love this hilarious webseries

Let’s face it, webseries’ and mockumentaries are all the rage in the world of comedy at the moment. Those of us who grew up on a heavy dose of shows like ‘The Office’ (the one with Ricky Gervais) and ‘Modern Family’ and ‘Borat’ will have a special appreciation for the mockumentary format which essentially captures everyday events as if they were being recorded for a documentary.



Adding to the list of refreshingly content-driven web series’ by Indian stand-up comedians is a brand-new one by the comedy collective The Boxer Shorts. It’s called Better Life Foundation and it follows the everyday goings-on of a largely dysfunctional not-for-profit organisation which is trying to stay afloat. All the comedy tropes seem to be in place with Naveen Richards playing the organisation’s founder whose desperate attempts to hold the place together appear to fail as  a group of underachievers go through the motions of NGO life.


Given that the television space is largely dominated by bland or in-your-face comedy which is devoid of subtlety or nuance, the internet is shaping up to be the perfect platform for intelligent and well-written comedy. Better Life Foundation can be viewed on The Boxer Shorts’ YouTube channel.


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