Iran’s Zombie Angeline Jolie’s Real Photo
All We Know About Iran’s Zombie Angelina Jolie AKA Sahar Tabar 

She’s not your average influencer btw, fyi!

Years ago, a picture of Sahar Tabar went viral on the internet. The distorted image made her look like Angelina Jolie but in a weird way. Later it was found out that it was an (unfortunate) case of plastic surgery. However, Tabar has no qualms about showing off her ‘real face’, and well, netizens are having a field day!


Here’s What We Know About Her And Her Life: 

Who Is She And Where Is She From? 

Recent reports suggest that her real name is Fatemeh Khishvan. And, only her social media identity is built with the name Sahar Tabar. She is an influencer from Iran and is reportedly known for getting her face altered as many as 50 times to achieve a certain look. She previously had 486,000 followers on social media.

Her Connection With Angelina Jolie 

Cosmetic surgery is common in Iran and a nose job is often a preferred choice among women. A few years ago, comparisons were drawn between her and Hollywood star Angelina Jolie after a few snaps of Tabar went viral. But later in an interview, Tabar reportedly stated that she didn’t mean to look that way. She further clarified that it was only makeup and photoshop after all.  

Jail Time Announced For Her 

2019 turned out to be a dark year for the influencer as she was arrested in Tehran. A local news website stated, “She was arrested on the charges of blasphemy, instigating violence, illegally acquiring property, violating the national dress code, and encouraging young people to commit corruption.” Immediately, all her social media accounts disappeared.

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How Does She Look Now? 

In 2019, it was reported that Tabar would serve a jail time of 10 years. But, she has been released from prison. The model was arrested on the grounds of allegedly insulting the Hijab. Several outbursts later, she was forgiven by the authorities. Tabar gave an interview post-release and she looks completely normal. While she has reiterated that it was computer effects that made her look like that, Tabar is certain that she’s done with social media and will not have any page henceforth.


Lead Image: Sahar Tabar Before/Instagram 

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