Films That Immortalised Fidel Castro For The Next Generations
Films That Immortalised Fidel Castro For The Next Generations

These movies are definitely a good way to introduce your kids to the famous Cuban leader.

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The death of Fidel Castro has prompted polar opposite reactions in different parts of the world, with some people mourning the leader’s demise while some celebrating it. He has also been the subject of numerous films where he is portrayed as a revolutionary in some while a dictator in others. Here is a list of some movies, documentaries and TV series that have immortalized Fidel Castro for the next generations.

These films are definitely a good way to introduce your kids to the famous Cuban leader.

Dear Fidel, 2001

This is a German documentary ( called Lieber Fidel – Maritas Geschichte) which shows Castro’s other side, through the eyes of his German lover Marita Lorenz, also a former CIA operative, who was urged to work against Castro and poison him by the organization. Marita’s story will soon be revived by actress Jennifer Lawrence who is all set to play the lead in the film Marita.

Fidel, 2002

This mini-series stars Victor Huggo Martin which chronicles Castro’s political career. Also, Gael Garcia Bernal, who portrayed Che Guevara in this film eventually played the role again in Che’s biopic known as The Motorcycle Diaries.


Comnadante, 2003

Oliver Stone, the acclaimed director, has created three documentaries featuring Fidel Castro, and one of them is Comandante. This infamous documentary is based on an interview that Oliver Stone conducted with Castro and was supposed to be released in the year 2003, but was pulled off at the last minute due to a series of political incidents that created a rift between the US and Cuba. The other two films were called Looking for Fidel (2004) and Winterin (2012).

Che, 2008

In this two-part biopic, Mexican actor Demian Bichir played the role of Fidel Castro and the film was directed by acclaimed director Steven Soderberg. The film strangely garnered positive and negative reactions such as receiving standing ovations during its initial screenings  in New York city, Havana and Cuba and later on, there were protests when the film debuted in Miami.



This series is based on the life of Cuban singer Celia Cruz, which discusses her life story and how she leaves her homeland to establish her career in music. The film describes the time when Castro banned her and other artists from returning to Cuba to the point of banning their songs being played on the radio.


Buena Vista Social Club

This Academy Award nominated documentary was a remarkable story that focused on the legendary Cuban artists who were brought back together for performances and an album. The documentary also described the underlying tension between Cuba and the US during those times.


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