Cannes bans selfies?
Cannes bans selfies?

Celebrities are discouraged from taking selfies at the upcoming Cannes Film Festival. Say whaaa?

So the have-to-be-seen-at event of the year is upon us. Don your fanciest jackets ladies and gents (and read up on the difference between mise-en-scene and chiaroscuro) because the Cannes Film Festival kicks off in two days. And knowing how everyone around the world pants to be seen at Cannes as a serious actor or auteur, here’s something you are being discouraged to do. Don’t take selfies. The festival organizers want to send a little reminder about selfies: you look really dumb taking them.


Cannes festival director, Thierry Fremaux, recently announced an unofficial selfie ban on the red carpet, reports “You never look as ugly as you do in a selfie,” He said. “We don’t want to prohibit it, but we want to slow down the process of selfies on the steps.”


The Hollywood Reporter also noted that “the stairs of the Cannes red carpet often become a bottleneck of amateur photographers trying to capture the moment on their phones.” Maybe shaming people who take selfies will ease the Cannes traffic situation, but are we not beyond shame?


The security guards will give selfie-takers a “serious warning” but won’t be confiscating any phones. I’d really like to see someone walk up to Jennifer Lawrence and say, “Ma’am, you are not allowed to take selfies. Put your phone inside your Gucci clutch, sil vous plait.”

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