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Watch former foreign minister Salman Khurshid pay tribute to Kal Ho Na Ho in this video

In a particularly horrifying alternate universe, statesmen and actors occasionally like to switch jobs. Oh no wait that’s this world. With the likes of Schwarzenegger serving two terms as governor of California, it would appear actors have the upper hand. Especially if you look at the latest tribute to Bollywood tearjerker ‘Kal Ho Na Ho’ starring ex-foreign minister  Salman Khurshid and German Ambassador to India Michael Steiner.


A self-confessed Bollywood fanatic, Steiner decided to do a remake of the movie’s title song starring Shah Rukh Khan, Preity Zinta and Saif Ali Khan.  The video titled ‘Lebe Jetzt: Kal Ho Na Ho’ sees Steiner taking on Khan’s role, recreating the whole song right down to the last detail. Meanwhile his wife appears as Priety Zinta’s character while Khurshid plays Saif ALi Khan.


If you thought acting was a fairly crowded profession and that there seems to be far too much attention dedicated to the world of showbiz – this video will tell you why. Steiner’s attempts at emulating Shah Rukh Khan while endearing are also quite unnerving. What’s more unnerving is Khurshid’s attempt at playing a romantic lead which comes across as more creepy than charming.

Saif Ali Khan described the video as a ‘unique diplomatic effort’ possibly before washing his eyes repeatedly with hydrochloric acid. Steiner showed great appreciation for the craft saying “It was a challenge. These actors are masters and I had to imitate them. It’s impossible to imitate Shah Rukh Khan. He’s such a perfect actor”.

This is the first time a diplomatic operation of this sort has been attempted. It’s also the first time anyone has called Shah Rukh Khan ‘a perfect actor’. Let’s keep any other diplomatic efforts off-screen shall we?

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