Get set for Blandroid
Get set for Blandroid

Or should that be Anberry? Regardless, it seems like the first Blackberry phone running Android is a go

Ask fans of Blackberry phones about the one thing that they truly love about them, and the answer is likely to be “the physical keyboard.” It’s true, of course – whatever you may say about how dated Blackberry devices have become, the deeply satisfying ‘click’ of their keyboards (not to mention their accuracy) is something other manufacturers have been unable to match. For long, Blackberry fans have sighed and said “If only there was a way to combine the benefits of Android and Blackberry…”. Well, they’re about to become very happy campers.


At the Mobile World Congress in March, Blackberry had announced the prototype of a device that would run Android, and a chap called Evan Blass has just released some renders of what the final phone could look like.  The render has edges that are reminiscent of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, with a speaker at the bottom and a whole bunch of Google icons on the screen – this could mean that the phone will offer the full range of Google apps. It also looks like there could very well be a physical keyboard beneath the screen, accessed via a slider.


Blass apparently has a history of reporting on and posting some very accurate leaks, so the chances seem high that the device will see the light of day. According to a report on, the device will have a 5.4-inch screen, with a resolution of of 1440×2560 pixels, a hexacore Snapdragon processor, 3GB of RAM and an 18MP/5MP rear and front camera respectively. This looks like just the shot in the arm that Blackberry, currently facing a major slump, needs.



Photograph by Evan Blass

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