Good, Bad, Ugly: Straight People Share Real Gay Experiences

“Middle of the night, I felt some thing touching my ass.”

Accept it or not, a lot of us — straight folks — have been exposed to homosexual encounters. Not strictly in the bedroom, but sometimes in the form of casual flirting at a bar or a rough move in public.


We are not trying to either demean or endorse the community; all we’re trying to do here is to find out how straight people have felt after their first such experiences, solicited or unsolicited.


One straight gentlemen, on the condition of anonymity, had accepted a blanket during a bus travel from a male passenger next to him upon being insisted to. “The next thing you know, there’s a hand sliding up your thigh. I was shocked and removed the blanket and threw it on him. I also shouted at him for that sort of behaviour to make sure he doesn’t do it again. I couldn’t sleep for the rest of the journey,” he said.


A straight female Quora had first girl-on-girl experience some years back and even she didn’t quite like it. 


“I had an orgasm and everything, but I’d never do that again, not in a million years. I was high on beer and crystal meth at the time (that was before I got drug counseling) and I thought I could be bisexual or something, but I am definitely not, as every partner since then has been a man. In the end, I still want to be with a man and get married to one of them one day,” she says.


But not everyone has bad things to say about their trysts with homosexuality. A male Quora user touched someone else’s man parts for the first time during a threesome and he’s certainly not complaining. 


“One day I placed An ad seeking a bi couple. As curious as I was, I always wanted to be sure a woman was there. I probably placed 100 ads before I got to a point where someone responded.


They aren’t new, but had little real experience. So, I go over and sit down. I’m finally seeing her and she comes out in a see through outfit. After some teasing e went to the bedroom they got undressed quickly and I sat down And watched. A few mins later, the both invited me in. Clothes iff and cock hard I went in. I was focusing on her, kissing her, playing with her tits. At that point he snuck around and started to suck my cock. Soon after she went down and helped and two mouths on your cock is incredible. After a little while she told me to switch. Moment of truth: I went for it and took it into my mouth it was made better by fighting around her tongue. Occasionally kissing. Soon he was tensing up, and I knew what was coming. So did she. We both went in and flashed our tongues all over the head as he came. Lots of it and we both got plenty. Especially since I went back and continued to suck until he came again. It went on like this, changing up mouths and genitalia and eating lots of cum.


Sadly, I only saw them once more and that was 15 years ago. And trying to find something now is almost impossible,” he says.


But the biggest accidental gay encounter has to be this married gentleman on Quora, who was sharing the bed with his male friend, also married, during a visit to his place. 




The two men got talking about their respective sex lives and his friend expressed how his wife is not into sexual experimentation. So this dude goes ahead and gives him tips, just like any good friend. But things go a little nasty when both of them fall asleep.


“We went to sleep. We both were in boxer shorts. Middle of the night, I felt some thing touching my ass. I turned back and saw his erected penis touching my ass out from his shorts. I held it put it back in shorts and turned aside. Few min after I felt the same touch. This time he was rubbing my chest with hand, and was moaning “sweety come on I want to fuck you hard”. He calls his wife sweety.”


I thought I will co-operate him and I held his penis. He turned me to the side and tried to insert it in my ass. He got over me and spread my legs and pulled my shorts and rubbing his penis with my balls. He played with my penis and it got hard. He then took it in his mouth and started to suck. We cuddled and when I was about to cum. I pushed him aside. Both went to sleep as if nothing happened.”


Wait, there’s more to the story. 


“In the morning he was casual as he did not remember anything. He went to bath, and called me to have bath we were getting late for a movie. Both were naked in the bath now. He started applying soap on my back. He got his hand down and rubbing my butt. He suddenly started moving his penis between my butts. He held my penis and started giving strokes. It got erected.


I asked what happened. He said just he was horny. Not had sex much as his wife is not supportive. Even he told me had a foreplay session with neighbour aunt. He fingered here to orgasm, but did not let him insert his cock. He just wanted to relieve his pressure.


I understood and I too cooperated. He said he will rub his penis in my back and cum. I said ok. He slowly started pushing it from behind. As there was some soap, his penis slightly entered my ass. I felt some pain. I said no. I then took his penis and started stroking. He gave me blowjob, and I came, he swallowed it. He then rubbed his penis on my penis and finally came on me. Both relieved finally.


That was my first and last gay experience. We both laugh now when we remember it, as how stupid we were. I have two kids and he has two. Its been almost seven years.” 


Now, that was something, right?


Do you have your own experiences to share. Feel free to express them in our comments section. 

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