A Guide To Mastering The 69 Sex Position
A Guide To Mastering The 69 Sex Position

It might take a little bit of effort, but then like all good things, persistent hard-work is the key to success. 

69 is the sex position where both partners indulge in oral sex simultaneously. It seems like a dream, but can be a little messy to pull off nicely. That said, don’t you worry because we have some sure-shot tips that will set your bedroom on fire. It might take a little bit of effort (and lots of awkward moments), but then like all good things, persistent hard-work is the key to success. 


So without further, we’ll give you the dope that you came here for. 


Try the woman on top


Since men are usually heavier, and this sex position doesn’t allow you to rise up and fall too many times, the woman on top technique works better. Simply because you don’t want her gasping for breath while you’re trying to pleasure her. 


Communication is key


It’s confusing at first. And you guys need to keep talking in order to perfect it. No guide will tell you what works best for an individual and the same holds true for this position as well. In fact, we’d go ahead an say, that if this sex position is too uncomfortable – chuck it. Don’t force it or take it as a challenge. Whatever looks sexy on screen needn’t be sexy in reality too. 




Well, it’s okay to let out a few moans while you’re receiving oral sex, but you also have to administer it. So concentrate. Don’t be so selfish, that you don’t worry about your partner’s pleasure. That’s the beauty of this position. It tests how much in sync are you with your partner mentally and physically. 


Don’t jump straight into it


It’s so not sexy to jump into it straight away. Indulge in a little bit of foreplay, get a little comfortable with each other’s bodies. 


Don’t have a one-track mind


Let her run her nails on your chest as she slides down towards you genitals. You can also use your hand to caress her back while you’re at it. Don’t just focus on oral sex, if you both want to feel hot and heavy during the act. 


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