Head To Brooks Brothers For A Curated Collection Crafted In SaxXon Wool
Head To Brooks Brothers For A Curated Collection Crafted In SaxXon Wool

It’s a winning combination of luxury and history.


This winter, make some space in your wardrobe for SaxXon — a rare super-wool that provides the same warmth as cashmere, at half the weight. It owes this to the structure of the fibre: nearly flat with a three dimensional helical crimp, allowing it to capture air to create a rounder and lighter fabric. Unique properties also allow a great natural stretch and wrinkle-resistance, for exceptional handling and comfort.


SaxXon wool traces its lineage to the medieval period, when Arab expansion across North Africa and ultimately into Spain brought flocks of sheep. Spanish royals were so impressed by the quality of wool that they went to great lengths to ensure that the purity of the bloodline was preserved. Royal patronage made this wool a symbol of wealth and privilege. In 1765, the King of Spain, Charles III, presented a flock of the prized sheep to his German cousin, the Elector of Saxony, Frederick Augustus III, granting the name SaxXon.


By the 19th century, the descendants of this flock were scattered across Germany by the ravages of Napoleon’s military campaigns. In 1830, Scotland’s Elizabeth Furlonge— whose shrewd businessman husband noticed the sheep were selling for high prices— traveled throughout Saxony and Prussia, with the goal of acquiring these imperilled sheep and bringing them to Scotland where they might thrive. After success in Britain, Furlonge and her sons relocated to the more sustainable climate of Tasmania, Australia, with a small SaxXon flock. When World War I decimated the European stock, the flock introduced here (and later in New Zealand) became the sole source of this legendary wool.


Present day SaxXon wool is still sheared from the descendants of Furlonge’s original flock of sheep. A new generation of growers (less than 30 family farmers) is committed to safeguarding the future of this fibre because of its unique properties and very limited stock. It is this combination of quality and exclusivity that allows SaxXon to take its rightful place alongside Brooks Brothers’ most celebrated icons.


This season, Brooks Brothers continue to expand their SaxXon Wool line in several categories. A curated selection of soft crewneck, V-neck and shawl collar sweaters allow for effortless layering, while cold-weather accessories such as scarves offer warmth and lightweight comfort that is characteristic of SaxXon. As always, there’s a full line of suiting for men, refreshed with new patterns and a range of fits. These offerings can be found in all Brooks Brothers stores in India, where the story of SaxXon Wool has only just begun.

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