Here's Why Kardashians Embody Everything That's Wrong With America
Here’s Why Kardashians Embody Everything That’s Wrong With America

Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy is a case of hypocrisy ‘on a scale only a Jenner or Kardashian could dish out without blinking’

There’s a whole generation (or even more) that has grown up idolising the West, particularly the United States of America. Their movies, their music, their food and even their fashion sense. 


Most would want to believe that everything about this obsession was alright until a certain individual called Donald Trump became the most powerful man in the States. But long before the arrival of Mr Orange Hair Prez, a phenomena called the Kardashians sprung up out of nowhere (maybe a sex tape; more on that later).

In case you didn’t know, the most popular member of the clan Kim Kardashian, 37, is the middle daughter of Kris Jenner and the late Robert Kardashian, who was famous for being OJ Simpson’s defence lawyer.

Married to rapper Kanye West, she is sister to Kourtney and Khloe. They also have a brother called Rob but no one is interested in him.

Her mother Kris is now married to Bruce Jenner (now Catylin after sex change), a former athlete who won a gold medal for the decathlon at the 1976 Olympics. Kris and Bruce have two teenage daughters called Kendall and Kylie (again, note the Ks.)

The entire family sells each bit of their existence in a show called Keeping Up With The Kardashians. You ask what’s wrong with that?

They’re flaky

The elder Jenner daughter Kylie recently gave birth to her daughter. The worst part is that she hid her pregnancy till the time her body became selfie ready and sends out a terrible message to young mothers.

“It’s hypocrisy on a scale only a Jenner or Kardashian could dish out without blinking. But who cares when it nets you over 26million views (and counting) on YouTube in less than 24 hours,” says The Sun.

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In fact the toddler’s first shot on Instagram became the most-liked picture ever and Kylie’s excuse of keeping the delivery a private affair just falls flat on its face.


They’re fake

According to the Daily Mail, Kim was just another rich, indulged trust-fund princess who spent her days shopping at malls and her nights falling out of clubs, until the reality show, which interestingly succeeded the ‘leaked’ sex tape.

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When a video company copied the tape from the internet and released it as a film, an outraged Kim decided to take legal action, demanding it be pulled from sale. In the end, she dropped the action and settled for £3 million.


‘She is a lying, cheating, plastic-surgery-loving fame-whore,’ in the words of her first husband, Damon Thomas who she eloped with at the age of 19.

Where’s the talent?

Kylie and Kendall are queens of a near half billion pound makeup empire.  But what exactly apart from a great branding team have they put together? But that’s what many celebrities in our world have actually done.

But what about Kim? Barring improbable curves, she has failed at every attempt of justifying her status among the glamour world’s elite. 

Small parts in a variety of B-list movies proved that she had the acting skills of a wooden spoon. Attempts at becoming a pop star quickly faltered following the release of her one and only single, Jam.

An unimpressed critic from America’s Daily News called the song: ‘A dead-brained piece of generic dance music, without a single distinguishing feature performed by the worst singer in the reality TV universe.’

Yet, with more than 100 million overall following on social media, she remains one of the most popular person in the world digitally. It sometimes makes us wonder weather it’s us or them. 

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