Here's Where You Need To Head Out This Holi
Here’s Where You Need To Head Out This Holi

Tag a friend you’ll like to accompany to these destinations.

The festival of colours is coming soon, and we’re excited about letting our hair down. Some of us from our team have already booked our tickets so as to celebrate the festival in real style, and we think you should too. 




If you’re into photography, you’ll love it here since its famous for some crazy Holi festivities. You can stay put here while you travel a little to Barsana, a place where women beat up men with sticks – a  tradition also known as lath maar holi. 




Not only is Varanasi known for being a great destination for pilgrims, it is also frequented by hippies looking to find enlightenment on the banks of Ganga. That said, you’ll have to be brave to come here for Holi, as crazy is an understatement for the extent of celebrations here. You’ll also get some great bhaang thandaai, while you’re here. 




Goa is a great place to visit through the year, and if you visit it during Holi, you won’t be disappointed. You’ll see all the tourists from abroad celebrating Indian culture and that makes for a great vacation. 




The Pink city is a wonderful Holi destination, as the people in Rajasthan are extremely enthusiastic about the festival. This writer has personally been there during the festival, and believe you me, celebrating Holi near some monuments is better than a dream. If you can afford it, you can also choose to stay in some really exotic hotels. 




Like Mathura, Vrindavan is also a popular Holi destination with a lot of history attached. For example, the Holi celebrated near Bank-e-Bihari temple is something you shouldn’t miss. In fact, Holi is so popular here that the celebrations aren’t restricted to a day but go on for a week. 

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