Japan Solves Loneliness: Rent A Family, Friend Or Boss

In Japan, people are renting people for a few bucks.

Japan has a solution for everything, quite literally.


Are you alone this holiday season? Well, the Japanese have you covered.

Now you can hire parents, friends, bosses or just about anybody you need. Just for a few bucks, you can customize your very own reel family or a social circle.

In Japan, people are renting people and this fad doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon. This upward rise of this trend can be credited to the importance of protocols, etiquettes and norms in Japanese culture. Since violating social conventions is looked down upon, people have resorted to these outlandish methods.

Family Romance, a thriving business helps you hire personnel as per your requirements, whether it is for a wedding or a funeral. While money can’t buy you happiness, it will help you create a fake family.

And, the popular comedian and TV personality, Conan O’Brien did just that. In a recent segment on Japan, Conan decided to jump on the bandwagon. Just like skimming through a menu, you can choose to prioritize your preferences and pick the person you want to hire. O’Brien did a hilarious take on Japan’s budding problem of loneliness.

(Image Credits: Family Romance website, A Still From Team Coco’s YouTube Channel)


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