Bollywood Bestie Dr Jewel Gamadia's 5 Tips On Making Positive Lifestyle Changes
Bollywood Bestie Dr Jewel Gamadia’s 5 Tips On Making Positive Lifestyle Changes

B-town’s go-to-acupuncturist, Dr Jewel Gamadia shares tips on how to make 2019 a better year for you

Famously known in the media as B-town’s go-to-acupuncturist, Dr Jewel Gamadia shot to prominence last year after he started turning up on the Instagram feeds of stars like Jacqueline Fernandes, Kajol, Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli. He is to Bollywood’s skin what Yasmin Karachiwala is to Bollywood’s fitness and Rujuta Diwekar is to Bollywood’s diet.


We caught up with the good doctor for a quick chat on health and here are 5 tips from him for those looking to make positive lifestyle changes for the coming year:


1 If you move less, eat less. If you have a desk job, don’t eat like an athlete.


2 Have a proper schedule. Discipline is what makes it all work.


3 Spend on yourself. That’s all that matters, pamper your body, give it good food and good rest. Go for a massage and trust me, when your body loves you back, you will feel great and your vibe will change. Love yourself first and the world will love you back. You will attract it, trust me.


4 Stop sugar!


5 Hug at least one person a day – mom, dad, a friend. Love is an emotion that is psychologically very important for well-being.

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