The Kinkiest Sex Festivals From Around The World
The Kinkiest Sex Festivals From Around The World

Where you can fulfill your sex fantasies.

The Pon Festival in Indonesia is a place where couples meet and have sex near a shrine, and the ritual demands that they do it with a stranger regardless of whether they are married or not. And not once, but seven times with a 35 day interval in between. While this is as strange as it can get, it’s not the only sex festival that boggles our mind. 


Let’s take a look at a few more. 

Folsom Street Fair, California

If you’re into BDSM, then this is a sex festival that should be on top of your list. It was started in 1984, and has only grown in popularity ever since. Over here, there are no rules and you are free to do and wear whatever you please. 

Kutemamajrvi Sex Festival, Finland


It’s a sex festival where not only do you have pornstars performing strip shows and a sex toy expo, it’s also a place where the scholarly folk give lectures on sex and sexuality. It’s held in the small town called Kangasniemi in Finland, which has a population of only 5,000. 

Kinky Copenhagen, Denmark

If you want your kinky fetishes to come true, this is where you should go. Especially if you are into body piercings, whips and chains. It’s also a place where prostitution is legal, so that makes it perfect for a no-holds-barred bachelors party. Only if you are extremely rich, though. 

Festival of Really Good Sex


Held in Australia, the Festival of Really Good Sex has lessons on all aspects of sex – and you can attend workshops called ‘Hold Me Tight’ – where you are taught hugging techniques. It’ll next happen from 26th January to 2nd February in Bamarang, NSW. So you know you have enough time to book your tickets, and take a leave from work. 

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