You share a great chemistry with your boyfriend and you wish to take your relationship to the next level. But then, you’re still wondering whether he wishes to do the same or not. These signs will help you know whether the man you are dating is actually ready for that commitment.


He introduces you to his family as his girlfriend


If you’ve been dating each other for a while and he starts introducing you to his family and friends as his girlfriend, then he’s subtly stating how important you are in his life. This is his way of showing you how committed he is and that he is ready for the next big step.



He is willing to put your interests ahead of his own


There’s always an element of compromise and sacrifice in every relationship, and a man’s willingness to put her first at all times is definitely a signal of his readiness to commit.


He doesn’t try and change you


You personalities may be completely different from each other, but this is precisely why you were attracted to each other in the first place. So if five years down the line, your partner still motivates you to become the best version of yourself instead of trying to change you, then he is definitely a keeper.


He understands the importance of communication


You both have had arguments in the past but have you noticed how he is the first one to let things slide? Communication is definitely the backbone of any relationship and however major the argument is, if there is always resolution and compromise from his end, that’s a sure sign he’s a keeper.



He begins to talk about the future


If he has a pretty clear vision of his future and you are an intrinsic part of it, this is a sure-shot signal of his readiness of his commitment.

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