Kunal Kamra Podcast: 5 Hilarious Bits From The Kanhaiya Kumar, Umar Khalid Episode
Kunal Kamra Podcast: 5 Hilarious Bits From The Kanhaiya Kumar, Umar Khalid Episode

The JNU duo took on trolls, ‘nationalists’ and various right-wing fundamentalists

Kunal Kamra’s claim to national fame was his Tuning Fork (Mumbai) gig where he had made fun of the prevalent brand of ‘patriotism’ in present-day India and the government under which it’s breeding.


Similarly, Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) students Kanhaiya Kumar and Umar Khalid shot to national acclaim after the protests in their campus against capital punishment and the unfair sedition charges slapped on them by the government as a result.


And both these voices came together for another hilarious takedown of the current Indian regime, the biased media coverage of recent events and much more during the latest episode of Kamra’s podcast, Shut Up Kunal.

Here’s our selection of the top moments from the 40-minute dialogue that begins with a Bharat Mata ki Jai chant.

Lala Ramdev, not Baba Ramdev

Pointing out that nationalism can be used to sell anything, Kanhaiya called Ramdev more of a business tycoon than a yogi. The trio even joked about how ‘nationalism’ can be used to sell anything these days, even Kajaria tiles!

The Republic-an media

The video hilariously intersperses visuals of right-oriented journalist Arnab Goswami screaming, howling and laughing ironically at his own narrow-minded remarks. Other media outlets were also called out for reporting the ‘secret behind Yogi Adityanath’s clean shaved head and face.’

Poverty scares the classes

The hypocrisy of the classes was also questioned through Kamra’s personal anecdote about an extra PVR Gold Class ticket that he wanted to return at the box office. The executive finally agreed to take it back once the comedian threatened to give it off to a taxi driver standing across the street.

 ‘We are no ones’

‘Who are they (the government) fighting against,’ asked Kumar to which Kamra said you guys. The JNU students then made fun of their own situation saying that if they were actually being funded, they would first pay back the debts at the food stalls and canteens.

Ek bihaari…

There was also open discussion on trolls, reservation, racism and of course, some Bihari jokes. Check out the full video for more.

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