Mahindra launches updated XUV500
Mahindra launches updated XUV500

Mahindra launches a tech laden XUV500 update at Rs 11.4 lakh

The refreshed Mahindra XUV500 was launched in Mumbai today with prices starting at Rs 11.12 lakh and going up to Rs 14.8 lakh for the top end W10 variant. While the car’s essentials remain unchanged, Mahindra has bathed the XUV with features – some truly useful while others are a bit unusual.


To begin with the car gets lots of chrome accents around the fog lamps, headlamps, shoulder line etc, some of this has been done to make the car resemble a cheetah (the creature it derives its inspiration from) but we still don’t see the resemblance so let’s just leave that. It also gets a refreshed bumper grille and a new set of alloys and two new paint schemes which includes the orange shade you see displayed above.


The new XUV also gets a sunroof and what they call ‘projection lamps’ which are essentially small units housed under the wing mirrors which project the XUV500 logo onto the tarmac below when activated. Add to that a bigger touchscreen infotainment system. ambient lighting, and a reverse parking sensor and it really does start to seem like great value for money.


The top end W10 variant also gets regenerative braking which is said to improve the claimed fuel efficiency by an extra litre to the kilometer.

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