How To Make Long Distance Relationships Work - A Guide By Sonam Kapoor And Anand Ahuja
How To Make Long Distance Relationships Work – A Guide By Sonam Kapoor And Anand Ahuja

It’s all about the little things when it comes to relationships

It’s been a couple of months since the Sonam Kapoor –  Anand Ahuja wedding and people are still quite obsessed with their relationship. And why not? The duo truly seem to make #EverydayPhenomenal. While most celebrity romances get major coverage in the media, there’s something quite fresh about this one. It almost gives off that ‘Pehla Nasha’ vibe, you know?


Anyway, Sonam and Anand are both super successful in their respective careers and need to focus on them, no matter how much they may love each other. After all, you can have a great love life and a successful career at the same time and here’s how.

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“When it comes to marriage, small things matter a lot. We eat meals together, even if we are in different time zones, on Skype. We also actively make sure that we don’t go over two weeks without seeing each other,” Ahuja said, according to a Filmfare report. The 35-year-old has a lot of work to do in Delhi seeing as how his business is based there. Sonam herself rushed to the Cannes Film Festival immediately after her marriage to promote a brand. 


“I know more people here than in Delhi. However, my work is based out of the capital. So Sonam and I will be shuttling between the two cities for the time being,” Anand added.

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Despite their busy schedules, the duo make sure to gas each other up. Sonam has been very supportive of Anand’s Bhane and he went all out with his support for Veere Di Wedding. 


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When Sonam changed the name on her Instagram bio to reflect ‘SonamKAhuja’, many on the internet criticised her apparently ditching her feminist ideals. They stated that by taking his name, she was perpetuating a patriarchal tradition. In response, Anand Ahuja changed his name of Instagram to ‘Anand S Ahuja’.


(Header credits: Sonam Kapoor on Instagram, shot by German Larkin)

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