Making Hatred Bald And Sexy: Sonu Nigam & Co.

Now that he seems to have decided to stay away from his singing career, it appears that Sonu Nigam, who turns 44 today, wants to remain in the limelight by getting involved in controversies.


Remember his latest gimmick when he went on a rant selectively against the sound of azaan in the morning? After being criticised on social media, he then got embroiled in another such case by going bald in response to a Mufti’s alleged cry for his hair with a million rupee reward on it.


But the hatred didn’t stop there as Sonu aspires to join a brigade of celebrities who have joined the right side of the debate; and also another legion of bald men who are making hatred bald and sexy. Don’t believe us? Check out these names.


Yogi Adityanath



It’s no secret that the bald and sexy Uttar Pradesh chief minister has had a history of spewing hatred with his irresponsible comments. From raping dead muslim women to calling out for recriminalisation of homosexuality, he’s done it all.


Things have only gone behind the curtains after he assumed his current position but we won’t be surprised if he stamps his fundamentalist opinion on other things in the future as well.   


Amit Shah



The former Gujarat MLA, another bald and sexy hater, might have been elevated to the position of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) president after the recent success of his party, but that doesn’t change his past. 


And we’re not even referring to his criminal records. We’re just talking about incidents like in Muzaffarnagar where he raised a roaring cry for ‘revenge’ and several other FIRs for ‘hate speeches.’





He might have gotten a bit of a cover, but the singer was once a member of this prestigious club of the bald and sexy haters. How can one forget his stance on Pakistani artists in India.


Twitter banning him, that too twice, is certainly no coincidence. 

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