Masturbation Myths We Need To Stop Believing


Many consider this a taboo topic. But frankly speaking, masturbation is truly misunderstood and is actually one of life’s greatest underrated gifts. But then there are some outright lies about the supposed health risks it poses, giving it a bad rap in society and clouding people’s general perceptions about masturbation.


So here’s busting some of the wackiest myths about self-love and how we should probably be masturbating more often.




Myth 1: Can damage your genitals


For all those who haven’t studied basic biology, the genitals are tough resilient organs; therefore, stroking penises or rubbing the clitoris is unlikely to cause any damage unless there is no form of lubrication. So if you’re still fretting, use a lubricant or vegetable oil.


Myth 2: Causes mental issues


Masturbation is as normal and healthy as sex is and does not cause any serious damage to the psyche. Period.


Myth 3: Makes you infertile


This myth pops up time and again but it is absolutely untrue. For the record, according to research, men maintain sperm motility and concentration even with daily ejaculations and this is not going to affect a man’s ability to impregnate his partner. And truth be told, there is no limit to the number of orgasms you can experience during sex if you’ve also been masturbating regularly because the male testicles are always making sperm while the prostate is always making the seminal fluid.



Myth 4: Is wrong if you’re in a relationship


Masturbation is one of the first ways to learn about physical pleasure. Then how do you think it is wrong to continue masturbating when you’re in a relationship? Frankly speaking, masturbating daily does not mean your partner is not satisfying you. So get that thought out of your head. Masturbating is one of the simple joys of life where the absolute focus is to please yourself, with no demands or no one else to attend. It’s healthy, even if you’re in the most wonderful relationship ever.


Myth 5: Kills your sex drive


If anything, masturbation helps you discover you pleasure zones, what clicks and what doesn’t. This, in turn, helps you communicate to your partner as to what turns you on, so that you can experience a better sex life.


Myth 6: Only men masturbate


The biggest myth of all. We’re all humans. If you think only menfolk masturbate, you’re highly mistaken. Masturbation is a normal and healthy component of sexuality and women do have equal rights to engage in self pleasure, which is something to be celebrated, not scorned upon. If you didn’t know, orgasms achieved by oneself help suppress a lot of issues such as migraine, among other things. So, it’s time to get rid of these self-defeating myths.  

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