Windows Phones to allow Android App Usage
Windows Phones to allow Android App Usage

A winning combination of Windows and Android apps will make for some incredible Smartphones

For quite some time now, Microsoft has been feeding on the scraps of the smartphone market share (3%). The market share currently lies conquered by Android users with a little room for IOS aficionados.


To remedy this situation, Microsoft Corp is all set to make a deal with Google which will allow Android apps to be installed in their upcoming range of phones this years. This should give Microsoft a tremendous edge since it’s known for producing incredibly ergonomic and fluid operating systems. With the new Windows 8.1 accommodating Android apps, Microsoft will be able to give its customers a more easy-to-use interface along with an endless supply of android apps. Add to that the utility of having standard Microsoft services such as Microsoft Office integrated in the phone for free and you have yourself a fairly versatile smartphone.


Windows phones also come with good security features which automatically encrypts all the data stored making it difficult to hack the device. With access to some incredible games and a blend of Android and Windows apps, Microsoft is ready to take the fight to Apple and Samsung and is expected to make the announcement this Wednesday at its upcoming developer conference in San Francisco.

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