Why Millennials Just Aren’t Interested In Getting Laid?

Sex is dead

With the society more tolerant of sex than ever, these are great times to do the deed. One may assume, everyone is getting down and dirty every other weekend.


But, statistics beg to differ.


Marriage is dead, and so is sex, among young people.


The media has initiated an open dialogue about sexual habits. People aren’t demonized or shamed for having sex anymore. Being a pious virgin is no longer a precondition for marriage. People have the opportunity to explore their sexual fantasies. It allows them the sexual freedom to feel liberated about themselves and their bodies. Along with men, society has finally starting to come to terms with women having the ability to make decisions about their body.


According to Atlantic, there are a few reasons why millennials and Gen Z aren’t gaga about shagging:


With dating apps around, having sex is easier than it has ever been. With a few clicks, it is easy to engage in the act without any emotional attachment. People are more forthcoming to the idea of a diverse range of sexualities. So, sexual preference is not a barrier to initiate a physical relationship. But despite it all, millennials seem to cling to abstinence. Compared to baby boomers, generation Z and millennials having less sex. And, the math doesn’t add up.


But, the same dating apps that toots its horns to provide you with a rambunctious sex life- might just be the perpetrator.


When it comes to these case of dating apps, they have provided a sea of options to pick from.  That translates to more options, and that should be a good thing right?


But, after a period of time, the browsing options tends to get tedious. Thus, begins the mindless game of swiping which seems limitless. And, in the end, all these options tend to merge into a singular face. With too much to offer, these apps just end up taking space on your device and life. These apps offering a plethora of options becomes cataclysmic chaos, leading particularly nowhere. Because excess isn’t always the best way to go.


Additionally, the amount of porn on the internet has made it possible to gratify social and sexual needs without exiting the comfort of your own space. Therefore, there are fewer incentives to head out for socializing. Plus, as a millennial, it translates to a bigger dent on finances. It’s either a night out in town or a month’s rent, and avocado prices don’t seem to be dropping anytime soon. So, the safest option seems to be– to navigate the world behind the closed doors.

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