People, You Have Been Mispronouncing Zara All Your Life
People, You Have Been Mispronouncing Zara All Your Life

For fashion geeks this is old news, but no one seems to have made amends. Here are all the brand names you have not been saying correctly.

So you think you are absolutely clued into the fashion world and are ready to rub shoulders with fashionistas and celebrities? But do you know how to correctly say Chanel? Or Versace? Which one is with a “sh” like in shoe and with a “ch” in church? How about Balenciaga? Or Yves Saint Laurent? Or Gucci (Is it Gucky?)


Here’s a simple one: Do you know how to pronounce Zara?

No Einstein, it’s not with a Z. I wouldn’t be asking this question if it were that easy.

Yeah, being a Spanish brand, it’s pronounced correctly as “tha-da”. While you take some time to get over this existential crisis, here’s some more brand names and how to same them correctly:




You should be saying AAH-DEE-DAS


You say PORSH (I can’t believe you say that)

You should be saying POR-SHAA


You say VOLKS-WAGON (Nope, that’s wrong)

You should be saying FOAKS-VAA-GUN (German Vs become Fs)


You say HER-MISS (How dare you?)

You should be saying AIR-MEZ

Louis Vuitton

You say LOO-EES VOOI-TON (Like an idiot)

You should be saying LOO-EE WE-TAWN


You say CHANNEL (It’s not on TV)

You should be saying SHUH-NEL


You say VER-SAYS or VER-SEYCH (good lord)

You should be saying VER-SAH-CHE

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