Here’s What You Need To Know About Mia Khalifa
Here’s What You Need To Know About Mia Khalifa

If you don’t recognise her, you’re probably lying.


If you don’t recognise her, you’re probably lying. Here’s what you need to know about Lebanese-American porn star Mia Khalifa.



She’s also known as Mia Callista, although that name didn’t really stick after she took on her pornographic identity. The 22 year-old is Lebanese by descent although she moved to the U.S at the age of 7.



She was working at a fast food restaurant after graduation when she approached for a job in the pornographic industry. Though born to a Muslim family, she converted to Christianity, much to the disapproval of her family who haven’t spoken to her since she joined the adult entertainment industry.



Her claim to fame was a highly controversial video released early 2015, which led to her becoming Pornhub’s no. 1 searched pornstar. The video garnered much criticism from Lebanon and other muslim populated countries in the middle-east from where she started receiving death threats.



Thanks to the video, online searches for her increased five times with a quarter of those searches coming from Lebanon, Syria and Jordan. She was also criticised for sporting a tattoo of the opening lines of the Lebanese national anthem.



Electro Pop duo Timeflies released a song called ‘Mia Khalifa’ in support of her, after her video went viral.


She currently lives with her husband and two dogs in Florida, Miami and she’s really, really into Batman.




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