5 Shows/Documentaries To Watch On Pablo Escobar Other Than Narcos
5 Shows/Documentaries To Watch On Pablo Escobar Other Than Narcos

Find out a lot more previously unknown details and incidents about the Colombian drug lord

Netflix’s Narcos has given all of us a detailed inside look on the life and death of the world’s richest criminal, Pablo Escobar. From his crimes to his affairs, the show shed light on the almost everything about him. But after completing all the seasons, you probably got a little more curious about the man and want to know more about him. If you’re looking to get rid of all your curiosities, then this right here is just what you need. 


Some of the following shows or documentaries do not only focus on Pablo Escobar himself, but on the people he worked with or trusted, who have a lot of scary tales and true encounters to tell about the man.

Even though Netflix did a fantastic job of documenting his life in thrilling details for us, these five shows and documentaries showcase a lot more of the drug lord:

Surviving Escobar

Another Netflix production, Surviving Escobar was based on the life of Alias JJ, a significant figure in Escobar’s Medellin cartel. The show primarily focuses on JJ’s strive to survive in a prison filled with his enemies, after the death of the Escobar.

Situation Critical – Killing Pablo


If you wanted details on exactly what went down while trying to kill Escobar and what it all took, then this is what you need to watch.

Pablo Escobar, Le Patron Del Mal


The 113 episode Colombian-American telenovela, Pablo Escobar, Le Patron Del Mal was first released in 2012 and documents the drug lord’s dramatic life. It is available to stream on Netflix.

Steve Murphy – The True Story of Pablo Escobar


Even though this isn’t a documentary or a show, the video features gripping unknown details and facts about Escobar and the chase for him. The entire conference is given by Steve Murphy, one of the lead DEA agents who helped kill Escobar. 

Escobar’s Hitman


This documentary doesn’t focus completely on Pablo Escobar, but it lets us watch how he influenced his Sicarios, or his killers, to carry out assassinations and even bombings for him. The 52-minute-long video showcases the life of Popeye, one of Pablo’s killers who has killed over 250 people. 

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