Ace Photographer Colston Julian on What Works Best for Him


Colston Julian is an ace celebrity and fashion photographer, based in Mumbai who also travels extensively to other fashion cities such as Paris and Toronto. His long list of campaigns include clients such as Blackberry, Levis, Shoppers Stop, Lifestyle, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Virgin and Bandelier. Speaking to MW, the talented photographer introduces us to his best friends and gives us an insight on what works best for him.


Broncolor Flooter


The Flooter is the largest Fresnel spot of the Broncolor product line. It has a very large, variable light angle and a homogeneous light distribution, making it a versatile spot, suitable for different applications.


Hasselblad H4D with an 80mm lens


This is a very popular camera among professional photographers, with a whopping 40 megapixel sensor and very fast focus, among others. Hasselblad lenses oer incredible image quality too.


Broncolor Para 88


Simple and compact, the Para 88 is lightweight, with a utility-driven design that makes it handy. It can be easily mounted with the new opening system, and is perfect for outdoor shoots and smaller studios.


Broncolor Para 220


The Para 220 FB is more than large enough to produce the typical Para light even at moderate distances. It can be completely defocused, and offers almost the same light characteristics.


Broncolor Scoro A2S Powerpack


The powerpacks are our most trusted friends during shoots. Not only do they ensure complete control over artificial light, they allow the photographer to manoeuvre colour temperature, light distribution, flash, speed and other technicalities.


Broncolor Scoro A4S Powerpack


Much like the A2S, the A4S has upgraded features and provides very fast stroboscopic sequences, which are crucial for fashion editorials.


Broncolor Ringflash


A classic favourite with photographers, the Ringash has been recently upgraded to provide better control, thanks to three honeycomb grids. The angle of the Ringash can be set independently from the camera and therefore the light can be directed to where it is most needed — a major plus.

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