Aparshakti Khurana Answers The Joey Conundrum, Shares His Biggest Regrets And More
Aparshakti Khurana Answers The Joey Conundrum, Shares His Biggest Regrets And More

He may be Ayushman Khurana’s younger brother, but with meaty roles in films like Dangal, Badrinath Ki Dulhania and the more recent Luka Chuppi, the actor is looking to forge his own path

What is keeping you busy these days?


Replying to all the messages I’m getting after Luka Chuppi.


What is your biggest achievement?


I’m very satisfied with the way things are moving and I’m not rushing anything.


What is your biggest regret?


I wasted a lot of years during my school and college days – I should have joined a theatre group much earlier, in Chandigarh itself.


What is the one skill every man should have?


I think a very basic sense of chivalry.


What is your dominant flaw?


I should sleep more.


The Joey Conundrum: sex or food?


100 per cent food, bro!


Have you ever woken up the next morning and forgotten your date’s name?


Nahi yaar, I’m extremely good with names and numbers. I’m a people person.


What is the one thing you’ve always desired?


I’ve always desired to be happy, and I think I am happy. I hope to remain this way all my life.


Describe a life-changing experience.


When I shifted from Delhi High Court to the radio station. I quit law, and that was a life-changing experience – I feel more confident about my life.


What is your favourite place on earth?


My favourite place on earth is any place that I’m in.


A social media abbreviation you don’t know the full form for?


I don’t know what #MCM means.


What irritates you the most about people?


People who are over smart.


Cats or dogs?




If you could be a historical figure for a day, who would it be?


Anyone from the Mughal era.


One film you wish you had been a part of?


Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander – in fact, if there’s ever a remake, I’d love to be a part of it. And Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro.


An overrated virtue, according to you?


I would say working out too much or dieting too much.


A message from you for our readers?


 Love your teachers. A huge part of who I am is because my teachers taught me a lot.



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