Are you dressed to kill this wedding season?

You might not be the groom, but that does not mean you cannot steal the thunder. How about picking up a PYT at your best friend’s wedding? Here’s our guide to looking dapper.

They say weddings are a hotbed of vulnerable women. The girls see their best friend getting hitched and feel that twinge in their hearts – where is the Prince Charming they were promised? This is exactly when you should swoop in and swipe them off their feet.


Most men don’t take risks while dressing up for a wedding. For some reason, they feel that, hey, I am not the star of the show, why should I bother? Stop thinking like that, mate. Weddings are social events, a legit space to meet and mingle. Do you really want to let that chance go by? Here’s how to carry yourself at all the weddings this season (and maybe score a few phone numbers by dinner time):


1. Focus on cuts and construction. Jackets, shirts and bandhgalas depend on cuts completely. Correct constructions make you look taller, broader and smarter.


2. Ditch the usual black tie look. Try out Indian textiles and prints. Self-embroidered bandhgalas maybe? Crisp silk Nehru jackets with printed kurtas? Or how about smart printed dinner jackets? Options are plenty.


3. Invest in accessories. Silk, knit or quirky ties, bow ties, cufflinks, pocket squares in fun prints to cut through solid colour attires, hats (if you can pull them off) and good socks.


4. It is criminal if you do not concentrate on shoes. Shoes maketh a man. Period. Classic Oxfords and tan brogues are always safe bets. But for the risk takers, try dual-toned brogues and patent leather shoes with contrast tongues. And if you want to take it a notch higher, try suede. How about suede and leather?



Our friends at SS Homme, Herringbone and Sui, Corporate Collars and Marks & Spencer have some of the choicest pieces lined up for you. We love the suits and bandhgalas by SS Homme – the detail in the self-embroidery and the woollen knit is a fantastic addition to any man’s wardrobe. Check out the printed suits. Who said you had to be boring in a three-piece? We have also picked out a wonderful selection of buttons by Herringbone and Sui which will add that extra edge to any suit or bandhgala.



So have a great wedding season. And let us know which is the best compliment you picked up.



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