Famous Architect Saket Sethi Talks About Style, Travel And More
Famous Architect Saket Sethi Talks About Style, Travel And More

The architect and celebrity interior designer is passionate about more than just his craft. Here are some of his favorite things

My personal style signifiers are a man bun and beard, the usual white/black/grey muscle-fit, V-neck T-shirt, slim fit Abercrombie & Fitch jeans and Adidas Originals Deerupt sneakers.



The last thing I bought and loved is a pair of Quiet Comfort Noise Cancelling headphones by Bose in silver. Next, I’m eyeing a Homepod.



I’ve been to some unforgettable places. Cape Town, Prague and Venice would definitely be on that list.


When I travel to a new destination, I explore it by thinking local and pretending I already know where I am. I create a start point to the experience and then lose myself in the city – preferably at night and sometimes not calling the people I know there, just so I can have an authentic experience.


The last meal that truly impressed me was an 18-course extravaganza at the Two Michelin Star Restaurante Enoteca Paco Pérez in Barcelona, which I visited at the behest of Rashmi Uday Singh.


I don’t have any prized possessions, neither do I find them prized, nor am I possessive. My philosophy is to buy, use, enjoy and forget.


The best souvenir I’ve brought home is a pair of Balinese head sculptures.


The last song I downloaded is ‘Go to sleep’ by Kailee Morgue.


A book you would find on my bedside table is 101 Things I learned in Architecture School.



The most recent addition to my wardrobe is a Canali suit.


My grooming regime includes products from Avene for my skin and Davroe for my hair.



An item my father handed down to me is my Bombay Gymkhana membership.


If I didn’t live in Barcelona, the city I’d live in is Milan.


My favorite websites are www. NYTimes.com and www.archilogics.com


The most special project of my career has been The Aditya Birla Science & Technology Center in Mumbai.


A celebrity space I loved designing is the Being Human Office.

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