Hanging Ten With Paloma
Hanging Ten With Paloma

India’s, possibly only, female surfer wears many hats


On sweating it out in Goa recently (and getting drunk): I was pretty drunk. But, this was more of a work visit as we were helping a dear friend set up a surf shop. So, there was a lot of physical labour. I enjoyed it immensely as I don’t get to do all that in the city.


The best thing about surfing in India: Less surfers. Abroad, you have to wait in line for people to finish as the ocean gets crowded. Here, you have no such problem. Waiting in a queue to catch a wave is irritating.


On the perfect surf date: A road trip searching for beaches. We’ll have to wake up early, travel and surf the whole day, and end the day with a bonfire and just the two of us on some secluded beach under the stars.


Four reasons why every man should surf: The expanse of the ocean makes you humble; it instills a sense of adventure; surfing turns you into a chilled-out sort of person; and surfers have insane bodies. I love to watch male surfers wax their boards.


If your life could borrow a film’s soundtrack/background score…: The Beach. I loved the songs in the film. Also, Garden State.


On being a woman DJ in India: There are very few female DJs in the country, and men are blown away by a woman who knows her music well. A lot of people don’t know what to expect from a woman DJ, but I have had people come up and compliment me for being a successful female in a male-dominated industry.


Cheesiest pick-up lines: Oh, my Facebook inbox is full of them: “Did it hurt when u fell from heaven?”; “I don’t know why but whenever i see ur ad i get a smile from deepside of my heart on my face (just because of ur cute smile, keep smiling always )”; and “Hi babes you are perfect combination of cute and sexy, please marry me i will give you best life.” I hope they don’t come across this interview.


Craziest stuff you’ve done: How crazy? The more illegal the better: The craziest of them all would be surfing naked with my boyfriend in Ganpatipule and Puri. No one was around, and it was a whole lot of fun.


One question you wish you were asked in this interview: “What is that one thing I detest in men?” Answer: Overconfidence. And, “who is my ideal man?” Answer: James Franco.

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