Homi Adajania gets personal
Homi Adajania gets personal

Director of Finding Fanny, best known for his offbeat films

What’s keeping you busy these days?


I am busy with the post-production and promotion of Finding Fanny, my new film.


What is your biggest regret?


Nothing really. I try to learn from the crap I’ve been through.


What is your biggest achievement?


Marrying my wife [Anaita Shroff Adajania].


What resolution do you break often?


The resolution to resolve my inexplicable attraction to things extreme.


What is the one thing every man should know about women?


Women are superior beings.


What do you desire?


I have wanderlust.


What are you searching for?


A massive belly laugh.


What is your favourite place on earth?




What irritates you the most about people?


Stinginess and negativity.


What one skill should every man possess?




What is your biggest fear?


That people I’m close to will fall ill.


Which is the most overrated virtue?




What makes you happy?




What are your favourite memories?


The years I travelled all over, broke and happy. I realised then that if you’re broke and you’re happy, you will never be happier.

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