Hot Female Instagrammers Who Will Give You #FitnessGoals 
Hot Female Instagrammers Who Will Give You #FitnessGoals 

Not only are these women a treat for sore eyes but will also motivate your lazy bum to get off the couch and work out

It’s Tuesday and if you’re short of motivation, here’s a collection of the top female fitness models from Instagram who we are totally crushing on. We’re sure you’d agree too.  


Emily Skye








FEELING DOWN? READ THIS‼️ . If you don’t crack a smile every day then changes need to be made…you’re either hanging around with the wrong people or you’re doing the wrong things. Life gets tough, we all have crappy days, weeks or even months but it’s up to US to make changes. We have to pick ourselves up and pull ourselves out of our negativity hole and do things that make us happy. – They don’t have to be big things either, look at the little things you can do each day that make a difference.  When I feel like I’m stuck in a rut there’s a few things I do to help me get out: . • I try to get outside in the sun if possible and get some vitamin D – it always makes me feel happier and healthier.  The fresh air outside in nature always makes me feel better and more positive. . • I get out and spend some time with friends who are positive and supportive. . • I workout!! If I don’t want to go to the gym then I’ll do something else like a walk, run, swim or even dancing in the lounge room!  I literally throw myself into something that’s different or takes me out of my comfort zone. . – Changing things is the only way things will change.. as simple as that sounds! It’s up to us to make the effort though! 😉 . @emilyskyebeauty @emilyskyefitness . .


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She’s funny, she’s hot and she’s fit! Her Instagram will also help you learn workout routines for various muscle sets. It’s not without reason that she’s got almost two million followers.


Lyzabeth Lopez 






⌛️💪🏼….. 📷✨ photo by @RobLo305


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The most curvaceous woman on this list, this award-winning trainer is the creator of the Hourglass Workout. Apart from encouraging you to stay fit with her before-after transformation posts, her Instagram will also give you ample travel goals. 


Jen Widerstrom








She’s almost as good as if someone took the cutest of faces and assembled it on top of a supremely fit body. What’s more, she also stands up for various causes like women empowerment.


Paige Hathaway 








Hi my name is Paige and I like long walks on the beach and the occasional gym sesh.


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Undoubtedly one of the most revered figures in the online fitness ecosystem, Paige Hathaway garners a following of almost four million people on Instagram. Just scroll through her feed and you’ll know what we’re talking about. 

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