Hottest Indian Men On Instagram: Part 3
Hottest Indian Men On Instagram: Part 3

These shirtless hotties are hard to ignore, and impossible to forget.

Ladies, if your Instagram feed has been a little dull lately, here’s something to brighten your day. Beat the (dreary) monsoon blues with some of Instagram’s finest specimens who will surely give you (countless) sleepless nights as soon as you lay your eyes on them.


With their smouldering good looks, chiseled abs, impeccable personal style and that oh-so-sexy swagger, these shirtless hotties are hard to ignore, and impossible to forget. And so we decided to swipe through the Instagram accounts of these heartthrobs to unearth some gems for you all. Take a look.


Rohit Khandelwal 






Want some lessons on how to look this hot the morning after? Follow him here. 



Karran Kharas 






This smoking hot man with those strong sculpted shoulders will definitely make your world go round. Follow him here. 



Sujo Mathew






By laying his abs bare, this hottie is surely slaying it on Instagram. Follow him here. 



Haziq Masood 






A post shared by Haziq Masood (@haziq.masood) on





Trying to figure out how his beastly body sharply contrasts with those innocent, alluring eyes? Well, the best way to find out is to follow him here.



Arish Ghaswala






Intimidating as hell, isn’t he? If you want to know more about this man with a body so impressive that makes it hard to look past it, then follow him here.



Ashwani Duhan






If that hard rock body wasn’t enough, this man’s also got the moves like Jagger. Do yourself a favour; follow him here.



Mainak Ghosal 






A post shared by Mainak ghosal (@mainak.ghosal) on





If being suave and ripped to shreds wasn’t enough, those intense eyes will definitely make you believe he is a romance novel hero who’s come to life. Follow him. 



Ashif Mo








A post shared by Ashif Mo (@ashif.mohd.1000) on





Time to drool over the man with the ripped abs and that boy-next-door appeal. Follow him. 



Ravi Goswami 






It’s a sin that he ain’t shirtless. To get a sneak peek of him without one, follow him here. 

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