We know what almost all men use Instagram for. And to make things easier for you, we’ve unearthed some of the brightest Indians gems form the whole of Instagram. So have a look and prepare to be mesmerised. Thank us later!   


Pareena Padiyar (toooyoungtocare)


She might feel she’s too young to care, but she seems old enough to be every young man’s crush.  Hell, we never knew staying fit could be so hot!






☆I benD So I don’t brEak☆  #flexible #kingpigeon #yogaeverydamnday #love


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Neha Malik (nehamalik335)


If you were wondering why temperatures have been rising around you despite the rains, it’s probably because you’ve been checking out this stunner. Catch more of her on Snapchat.






Gauri Mehta (gaurimehtaa)


If you’re not following her, you’re doing Instagram wrong. She’s the sort of woman you could actually kill for!






Either way, i can make it happen.


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Neelam Gill (neelamkg)


If the word charming were to be respelled, it would definitely have her initials written all over it. She’s quite literally what dreams are made of!






bye ldn, hi LA ✈️


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Radhika Seth (radhikasethh)


Have you soon a prettier face? And what about that smile? Her fanclubs admins are nursing monster crushes on her and we don’t really blame them.






Sometimes it takes a thousand tries to win Bikini: @yoinscollection


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Riya Palekar (riya_palekar)


We were wondering where all that smoke was coming from. Then we found that this one has just posted a picture on Instagram.








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Ketika Sharma (@ketikasharma)


With those mind-blowing curves and eyes that are deeper than even oceans, this hottie surely on the top of everyone’s follow list. No wonder she’s got more than a million followers!






Sheetal Thakur (@sheetalthakur)


She’s got a girl-next-door vibe about her and seems made of ideal girlfriend material with her nerd glasses on. She can easily beat you at doing handstands as well.






You are enough. A thousand time enough!


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