How To Get More Likes On Instagram
How To Get More Likes On Instagram

Now that you’ve been suitably prepped, we wish you all the best on your journey and Godspeed

Instagram is where it’s at these days, folks. The microblogging application is by far one of the most popular platforms on social media and has created more ‘influencers’ and celebrities than any other app. In fact, it is so popular that people actually get paid to post adverts on their page and the payment is directly proportional to the number of followers a person has.


Keeping all that in mind, we’ve catalogued a list that’ll help you get more likes on Instagram. Here’s how you can game the app.


Add relevant hashtags


Instagram allows you 30 hashtags per post and it would be wise of you to use it to its full capacity. However, that doesn’t mean that you add irrelevant hashtags that could make your followers angry and hence, mute you.



Have an Instagram aesthetic


Make sure all your posts follow a certain colour scheme and pattern. Haphazardly placed and randomly arranged posts may do well for celebrities but they can make your Instagram account look like a mess.


The colour scheme


According to Hootsuite, blue pictures get 24% more ‘likes’ than red ones and single versus multi-coloured pictures also increase the ‘likes’ likelihood by 17%.


Tag relevant accounts


If you’re following a certain aesthetic, tag relevant accounts and if they like your post, they’ll repost it. This may get their followers to check out your account and if they like it, they’ll give you a follow.


Write interesting captions



One of the easiest ways to get more likes on Instagram is to write interesting questions that get your followers to interact with you.


Well, now that you’ve been suitably prepped, we wish you all the best on your journey and Godspeed.



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