Idiotic things Indians ask Salman Rushdie on Twitter
Idiotic things Indians ask Salman Rushdie on Twitter

With his much awaited 12th novel out today, we bring you Rushdie’s hilarious exchanges with some of his moronic Twitter followers

Salman Rushdie, whose 12th novel Two Years Eight Months and Twenty-Eight Nights is out today, has more than a million followers from around the world on Twitter. But for some strange reason, south Asians, particularly Indians, feel compelled to periodically ask him stupid questions, many of them in bad English. And they are invariably met with a typically Rushdie riposte — pithy, acerbic, scornful and always funny. Here are some of best exchanges:


A misspeller who called him a harami



This guy mistook him for Santa Claus




Rushdie’s definition of piracy




The grammar lesson.



Rushdie on his current girlfriend



He gets asked to ‘lower’ his ‘English’ standard



On being the best even if you’re (erm) a hat.



When Rushdie gives you writing tips




When he’s wished for his ‘sister’s wedding’



He finally loses his patience.




More Nonsense.







When he finally confesses his love for trolls


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