Instagram Women We Love: Cara Delevingne
Instagram Women We Love: Cara Delevingne

Those grey eyes are worth dying for.

Cara Delevingne started out as a model, and met with a lot of success, winning the ‘Model of the year’ awards at the 2012 and 2014 British Fashion Awards. She made her acting debut by playing Princess Sorokina in the film adaptation of Leo Tolstoy’s famous novel Anna Karenina. Not long after, she starred in a lead role in Paper Towns, a coming-of-age film based on John Green’s novel. Currently, she is in the news for her debut music video “I feel everything”. 


So, to spice up your weekend, we look at her Instagram feed to unearth some gems that is sure to set your screen on fire.


She is resting her hands on an axe in this picture. Surely, we wouldn’t mind cutting some trees with her.


We could stare into those grey eyes, and get lost every day of the year.


No wonder she made it big as a model. Slayin’ it in gold, in this pic.


Shirts unbuttoned, sitting on a bike – she is every man’s dream companion.


We are sure she must have had to chew several bubblegums to get this shot. And you thought being a model was the best thing in the world.


The pool must have been boiling, considering the amount of heat generated by Cara Delevingne. 



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