How to look good
How to look good

Actress Shruti Hassan on how men can look effortlessly stylish

Free and easy, that’s my style secret. Blend in a bit of casual, a bit of rock chic and you have an interesting style.


For men, denims are the foundation of a great modern wardrobe. They are very versatile so use them to their potential. Own a variety of denims.


If women can have a season separate wardrobe, so can you. What stops you from wearing linen shirts in summers and fashionable jackets or the layered look in winters?


When finding your personal style, don’t try too hard. Know how you are built and what you look like. If it feels right, it’s probably right.


Your objects of desire can range from a funky pair of glasses to sleek shoes or, if you are the formal kind, nice cufflinks. Look beyond your clothes for your style statement.


Across Europe, you see men wearing double-breasted blazers. Indian men should also try them. I think they add a lot of character to your look.


If you are looking at rebuilding your wardrobe, know that you need to eventually discard whatever you have in it right now and start from scratch. Trade it for one that’s better suited, more refined and works for the age you are at.


Always look effortless, whatever you wear. You are going to put off the women if you look like you have spent hours orchestrating your look.

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