How To Successfully Slide In DMs: The Good Boy Edition
How To Successfully Slide In DMs: The Good Boy Edition

Just helping a brother out

Guys, we’ve all tried it. We’ve all failed, miserably sometimes. There’s no sure-shot way of having DM success and there still isn’t, because there are a lot of factors involved for a positive result. You need to understand her point of view, she gets several creepy messages from weird guys, so you can’t blame her for being wary. 


This guide isn’t for all you little creepy shits or fuckbois out there but for the actual good boy who’s just trying to slide in those DMs, respectfully. Now that that’s clear, let’s get into it. 


Learn To Take A Hint


Let’s start off with this right away. You cannot be adamant or stubborn. If she isn’t replying to your messages then don’t keep sending her memes and useless ‘heys’. Learn to take a hint and leave with some of your self-respect still intact. 




Start Off Slow


Don’t start off with randomly messaging her. Start slow. Maybe start with reacting to her stories. Find a mutual interest the both of you share and genuinely enjoy. It could be anything from a TV show or musician. Build a connection and then move your conversation into more personal territory. 




Ask A Question You Don’t Really Need The Answer To


This is just a survival tip in case your conversation loses steam. If you feel like you’re running out of things, ask her a question on something she’s interested in or is passionate about. If she’s still interested, she will give you a detailed answer. This should buy you some time. 




Careful With Those Pictures


Great. You both are now talking. But we don’t want to just settle down on texting now, do we? It’s now time to take your conversation to the next level by sending her some pictures. Now, this is a very tricky area and you’ll need to be careful with what you send her and also, how many times you send her pictures. Gym selfies and shirtless selfies are a big no. Instead, send her something that you two connected on. For example, a picture of you watching the show you both love. 




Closing Statements


Okay, it’s time to seal the deal. You’re done with all the texting, you would love to go out with this girl and you’re ready to do it now. Only make this move if you feel you’ve spent enough time talking to her and building a genuine connection. Once you’re sure about that, put the question out to her in a simple and casual manner. Also, judge how she’s feeling that day. Find a good day to do this because if she’s in a not-so-great mood, then your chances are looking slim. The ideal time to do this is when you feel you’re having an amazing conversation. If you ask her out when you’re making her laugh and making her feel like she’s talking to a friend, she’s bound to say yes. 


Make a killer closing statement and the verdict will definitely rule in your favour. 

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